Vienna Working Papers in Canadian Studies

The Vienna Working Papers in Canadian Studies are a new publication series based on the "Vienna Lectures in Canadian Studies/Conférences de Vienne en Études Canadiennes (VLCS/CVEC)," an annual lecture series organized and hosted by the Centre for Canadian Studies at the University of Vienna. They are designed to allow excellent and renowned Canadian studies scholars to present their work in progress in the frame of an invited lecture and a subsequent publication on this platform.
We also accept additional and independent submissions in English, French, and German dealing with any and all issues of Canadian Studies.

Les Vienna Working Papers in Canadian Studies sont une nouvelle série de publications en ligne basées sur les "Vienna Lectures in Canadian Studies (VLCS)/ Conférences de Vienne en Études Canadiennes (CVEC)," des conférences annuelles proposées par le Centre d'Études canadiennes de l'Université de Vienne. Ils sont conçus dans l’optique de permettre à d’excellents chercheurs de présenter leurs travaux en cours dans le domaine des Études canadiennes. Nous acceptons volontiers toute soumission en anglais ou français traitant un sujet de recherche s’inscrivant dans l’un des domaines des Études canadiennes.

For submissions, please contact / Pour toute soumission d'article, veuillez nous écrire à l’adresse suivante :

Vol. 1 (2016): Ruth B. Phillips, Between Rocks and Hard Places: Indigenous Lands, Settler Art Histories and the 'Battle for the Woodlands' (Ed. Alexandra Hauke)

Vol. 2 (2019): Building Bridges, Breaking Barriers: Canada in the 21st Century/Construire des ponts, Franchir les obstacles: Le Canada au 21ème siècle, Conference Proceedings of the 13th Annual Graduate Conference of the Young Scholars’ Forum of the Association for Canadian Studies in German Speaking Countries (Ed. Marc Chalier, Claudia Grill, Alexandra Hauke & Jessica Janssen)

Vol. 3 (2019): Tegan Zimmerman, 'Between the Specters': Caribbean Neo-slave Novels by Canadian Women (Ed. Alexandra Ganser & Helena Oberzaucher)

Vol. 4 (2021): Helene Vosters, Canada Is… What?! A Meditation on the Diasporic Threads of Settler Colonialism (Ed. Stefanie Schäfer)


Vol. 5 (2023): Madeleine Thien, transcript of reading from Do Not Say We Have Nothing and author interview. In preparation.